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Multiply Wealth Management is a boutique financial advisory firm providing tailored wealth management solutions to help you achieve financial freedom. Each person’s lifestyle goals vary. We take the time and care to listen to you, identify and prioritise your goals and dreams and recommend appropriate financial solutions.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and determination, consistently delivering superior results for our clients. You will be provided with high quality advice and a plan that will create and protect your wealth over the long term. We will continuously monitor your progress to ensure the strategies in place remain relevant to your changing day-to-day financial needs.

We will also act as the central point for all your advice and wealth management needs and believe that a true financial advisory service will help co-ordinate relationships with lawyers, accountants, brokers and other specialists.

By guiding you along the path towards financial success, you will have peace of mind knowing you now control your financial future.

Experience that matters

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Samuel Romeo

As the founder of Multiply Wealth Management, Samuel has over 20 years’ experience in providing exceptional financial advice to his clients, putting their needs first at all times. He has extensive experience in all areas of financial planning, including self managed superannuation, investment planning and wealth protection advice.

Samuel is a CFP® accredited adviser, an internationally recognised certification and the highest a financial adviser can achieve. He also holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

After a successful financial advisory career working in the banking sector, Samuel decided to establish Multiply Wealth Management. This was so he could spend more time with his clients to gain a greater understanding of their lifestyle goals and offer them a broader range of tailored financial solutions. He believes in the importance of building strong long-term relationships and working closely with his clients to help them achieve a more prosperous future.

Samuel’s primary objective is for his clients to achieve the financial freedom they desire.



Making the challenging simple and effective

At Multiply Wealth Management, we like to keep things simple. We pride ourselves on providing advice that is easy to understand and tailor-made to your needs. Each person’s situation and goals vary and so do the financial strategies we provide our clients. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of financial planning, some of which include:

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    Strategic Financial Planning

    We all have a dream of what we want our future to look like and financial freedom can help you realise this dream. To attain this, you need to have the best strategic plan possible. A plan made especially for your circumstances that is clearly understood, no matter how complex the situation. Multiply Wealth Management can do this for you. We will help manage your finances and provide you with advice that is highly strategic to achieve the financial security you desire.

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    A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) provides greater control over your future. It allows you to invest in a manner you see most suitable to meet your retirement goals. You can also avoid paying management fees associated with industry and retail superannuation funds; have greater tax efficiencies and access to a greater choice of investment options, including residential and commercial property.

    As SMSF specialists we will help set up your fund and its investment strategy and continually monitor your SMSF to ensure all legislative and strict compliance requirements are met.

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    Wealth Creation

    Wealth creation means building your assets through carefully thought-out investments. It all comes down to  making your money work harder for you – now and into the future. Before providing you with your personalised financial strategy, we will first take the time to understand your objectives, investment timeframes and attitude to risk. Your financial plan will be based on your needs, tax effective and with the best investment options available. Through diligent research and careful planning, we will ensure you live your ideal lifestyle in the years to come.

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    Planning for your future includes putting in place steps to protect you and your family if the worst ever happens. Multiply Wealth Management takes the protection of your lifestyle and financial assets seriously and believes that preparing for unforeseen events is a crucial part of providing a sound and comprehensive financial strategy. We start by understanding what is important to you, your family and/or your business. Then through tax effective and personalised solutions, we will help minimise risk and provide you with a financial safety net. Only then will you have peace of mind in knowing that your cash-flow, assets, family and business will always be protected.

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    Superannuation Advice

    For most of us, superannuation will be our major source of retirement income. That’s why it is crucial to take a strong interest in your super, ensuring you have sufficient funds to allow for a stress-free retirement, with a lifestyle that is rich and fulfilling.

    Multiply Wealth Management will help you get the most out of your super by recommending a tailored strategy that is cost effective, maximises the return on your investments and minimises tax.

  • 06

    Retirement Planning

    Like any other major life event, serious thought and planning is required for your life after retirement. And it is never too early to start planning.

    At Multiply Wealth Management, we will understand what is important to you by asking all the right questions so we can provide you with a perfect retirement plan. We will find out your preferred retirement age and lifestyle and how much you believe you need to afford your desired lifestyle. With the right advice, you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

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    Aged Care

    Placing yourself or a relative into residential aged care can be a confusing and emotional time. There are many financial considerations to take into account to ensure you can afford the best care available, including whether or not to sell the family home and how to best maximise your Centrelink entitlements. With the recent changes in aged care legislation, the best course of action is to obtain specialist advice so you can make the right financial decisions for you and your family. Multiply Wealth Management will provide you with the expert advice you need to determine the best strategy.

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    Estate Planning

    Estate planning is about making it as easy as possible for the people you leave behind to handle your affairs. Setting up a will is only a small piece of the puzzle. Maximising the after-tax value of your assets, protecting them for future generations and ensuring these assets go to the people you choose are some of the other considerations that require your attention. Multiply Wealth Management can help you with all these areas and more.

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    Ongoing Service

    A single financial plan isn’t adequate to meet all your short, medium and long term objectives. Your financial strategy must be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant to changes in your personal situation and needs. Share market volatility and constant economic and legislative changes will also dictate the need to review your strategy. Multiply Wealth Management will always be there to guide you through unexpected life events with the utmost care and understanding, constantly monitoring your situation to ensure your plan remains optimal at all times.


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